We use high quality non-fusible steel to manufacture our products. It has higher purity level than normal steel (fusible), especially considering non-metallic substances. This kind of steel is well suitable to produce our products designed for hot dip galvanizing.



We use MIG/MAG technology during construction welding process. It is a method recommended to use for our resources. It consists melting welded material with alloy electrode material by using electric arc heat, warming up between electrode alloy and welded item inside neutral or active gas halo.


Basic anti-corrosion protection – hot dip galvanizing

Hot dip galvanizing is the best way to protect metal elements and its alloys against corrosion. This method consists applying durable zinc coat on steel. Well-made steel elements need to be submerged into liquid zinc of temperature 450 C degrees. Zinc coat covers all inner and outer surfaces of element. It extends longevity of anti-corrosion protection for steel constructions, which lasts, depends of environment from 20 up to 70 years. Coating can be made in silver or grey color.


Additional anti-corrosion protection – powder coating

Powder coating is the modern technology which consists applying layers of paint heated in high temperature. This process requires use of electric field strength during applying paint particles on metal under high pressure (minor binding ingredient + pigment) in chosen color, structure and type. Afterwards, paint is heated in relevant furnace chambers in temperature of 200 C degrees. Painting is being done by using epoxy, polyester-epoxy and polyester paints in full RAL, DB and also “antique” color palette standard, paginated on client’s request. Metal surface with this kind of finishing, guarantees high aesthetic value for a long time, physical durability and resistance against sunlight, ultra violet rays and hard weather conditions. In addition we get surface free of damp patches and stains.

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Our products are made from the highest quality steel. Source of their resistance lie in anti-corrosion protection. We use hot dip galvanizing and paint coating method. These methods ensure long lasting usage of fences, gates and roofing’s without additional preservation.

We do implement hot dip galvanizing because it guarantees best protection against corrosion. Products are much more tough, resistant against difficult environment conditions and physical damage, thanks to zinc coating process.

Next process, which is designated for all of our products is sandblasting. Stream cleaning prepares surface for coat painting.

During coat painting, we get varnish coat which protects against corrosion and is resistant against difficult environment conditions, chemicals and physical damage. We offer coat painting with a paints available on European market: TIGER, IGP, DUPONT. Client has an option to choose a color from rich range of RAL, smooth and antique colors.


When deciding for gate implementation, it is good to consider installing drive into it, to allow automatic and remote opening. Automated technology improves life comfort. On client’s request, our products can have automated radio controlled system, well known and prestigious NICE company.

NICE systems are reliable, silent and energy-efficient. We use automated solutions to wing and slide gates. We offer complete sets with two remotes (there is an option to buy additional remotes).

We ensure perfect adjustment for gates of all sizes and weights. By choosing the right automated technology you choose maximum safety, functionality and reliability.

Our automated gate solutions has two years warranty and after 24 months, after-warranty service.

Most frequently, we install drives: